Dive into our universe filled with stylish heigh quality faucets, outdoor showers as well as water systems for animals. All our products are handmade Danish design, with attention to the details and a minimalistic design.

At Frostline, we take responsibility. We think that everyone deserves the luxury of having a frost-free water source outside. Regardless if it is you who likes to use the outdoor shower after running or the horse who is thirsty on a frosty winter day.

Nordic design

Frostline's design is simple and elegant - right down to the core. Our products are produced in stainless steel, as we have high material requirements. Here you can choose between polished and glass-blown steel, just as several of our products are available in copper. With Frostline, you get a long-lasting solution that keeps your water frost-free year after year – and who at the same time contributes positively to your outdoor area with a beautiful design.

Back to nature

Water provides renewed energy. Especially when it washes down over the body in thick rays under the outdoor shower while the birds chirp. An outdoor bath is the right solution for you who would like to experience being taken back to nature while taking a bath. With an outdoor shower from Frostline, we set very high standards for the materials we use. Therefore, you only need to invest in an outdoor shower once.

Visit a showroom

Do you want to feel the streamlined Frostline quality and see the products with your own eyes? Then please contact us and we will direct you to one of our dealers near you.

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